Cannabis Has Been Used in the USA for MANY YEARS

only that we aren’t allowed to grow the crop, which is absolutely unbelievable. Evidently, we’re allowed to buy cannabis products from Canada, China, India, and just wherever…only we’re too much the children to grow it ourselves.
We can’t be trusted growing it, because…gasp. Someone MIGHT get high.
“WHERE is it used?” you ask…

WHOLE HOUSES are built from cannabis.
And car insulation, as well as car bodies (another video that is yet coming…)

And, in spite of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that could be had from growing marijuana, in spite of its relative safety (more people die every day from aspirins than have dies in the entire written history of mankind from marijuana) and in spite of the fact that the government loses some $42 billion a year through it’s war on marijuana, it remains illegal.

I’m for legalizing it and taxing it like tomatoes.
If someone is growing a crop to make tents and canvas products, for sale, tax that.
Don’t tax the little old ladies who grow a bit in their gardens every year (grandmas are smart, sometimes) and suddenly, the war between the borders just got dropped as unprofitable.
The hell with drug dealers!
(and a good, legal laugh in the evening wouldn’t be so bad, either)


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