An Error Does Not Become a Mistake, Unless You Refuse to Correct it

Legalization seems so distant at this point.
A plant. An Herb.
Harmless compared to any of the lethal legal items available to any citizen.
Fast cars, handguns, rifles, prescription drugs, aspirin, cigarettes, alcohol, even toys…since more children die of choking from toys every year
than have overdosed on marijuana since the beginning of written history.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs are available from cannabis.
Agriculture, design, clothing, boots, automobile bodies as well as fuel, bicycles, tents, even whole houses have been constructed using cannabis as the primary material.
At least three government studies have found it to be a harmless recreational high …
LaGuardia in New York City, Dr. Hollister of the Palo Alto VA, and Raymond Shafer’s Commission on the Study of Marihuana, (the most comprehensive study ever done on marijuana and actually hired by ex-President Nixon, but then ignored)
and all found that marijuana is harmless.

That it cures cancers… breast, lung, prostate, and skin … as well as relieves the tremors from CP and MS, improves memory of Alzheimer patients, improves appetites of chemo therapy patients evidently doesn’t alter the latest attack on the plant by President Barrack Obama.

Where we could be entering into a NEW century, a cancer free century is right now being dashed away by our administration.
And for what reason?
Perhaps the Steel Industry doesn’t want the competition, because car bodies made of cannabis fiber composites are more durable than steel, as well as lighter…
The nylon and synthetic manufacturers don’t want more competition from cannabis produced clothing and tools…
The Lumber industry not wanting competition from something that grows to be harvested twice a year (thus forests get to grow older and produce stronger trees)…
The pharmaceutical corporations want to keep the cure for their own devices and turn around and sell it to patients at $98000 a year (doctors included)…
That the alcohol companies don’t want the competition because marijuana highs DON’T kill brain cells like alcohol does…
The cigarette corporations don’t want the competition because there have been reports that using marijuana assists one to quit tobacco, and then just stop smoking altogether…
and strangely, drug dealers, like the ones who formed a coalition to keep marijuana illegal in California, thus making more profit.

Yes, a sad day in America when that which President Thomas Jefferson smoked for recreation and that President George Washington stated was a necessary industry, is treated as a scourge to mankind.


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