Capitalism…Look at the Dinosaurs

I would just like to take this moment in time and point out that…Capitalism, that marketing system that SWEARS it is a free market system, is not really working anymore, and, even worse. If it isn’t reined in tighter to what is good for the society and culture, then a collapse will probably erupt from the center, and suck the entire system down the drain.

Which may actually work, because there’s nothing like complete and utter failure to point out when a replacement is needed.
You see, I’m not talking about buying a new car because the ashtrays are dirty. In fact, that’s part of the problem, now. The manufacturers know that they have to keep pushing car sales, PUSHING car sales ALL the time to keep an active turnover going.
But, unemployment has risen…where are the people to keep building the cars?

Well, some are using robots. A single robot works like clockwork, never late, never sick. If maintenance is called for, it’s quick and specific. Or “satlantic,” if you’re on the East Coast.
A robot can replace a thousand men, and can outlast them at overtime (which is minimal) and there are tens of thousands of robots some as big as the entire floor, some small as a pencil sharpener. No doubt that an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) could and would shut a car manufacturer down for an indeterminable time.

Another interesting point is that one million dollars equals a single person making $50,000 a year for 20 years …
So if one person made an income of 33 million dollars, that would be a good income for 33 single people for twenty years. If that same person makes that same income again, the following year, then that would be an income of $50,000 for 33 more people, and now the one person has displaced 66 people from work.
That’s not the worse part.

So if Mobil/Exxon takes a moment away from destroying our oceans, rivers, and environment, to count their profits, they find they have $19 Billion… (for a quarter?) …and that would be 19,000 people working for a nice income for twenty years. Now, while we’re on oil industries, let’s look at what’s happening globally.

The world’s top oil producer sells half their oil and keeps half. That’s Russia. This might be news to you, so, probably sit down. The world’s second largest producer of oil is Saudi Arabia, and they sell almost ALL of their oil. Then, coming in for third place is the United States. And the USA doesn’t sell ANY oil. In fact, we’re in heavy credit problems because we buy so much oil from other producers. Yes…probably the US buys oil from Russia. Just rest your mind on that thought for a moment.
Just in case you’re wondering, China is fifth in the largest oil producers list, behind Iran. While it’s hard to see where all Iran sells their oil, as for China, they don’t sell any, but are also in stiff buying trade agreements to purchase oil.

So what we have here in this oxymoron of a situation, is some twenty countries sucking as much oil out of the Earth as fast as they can while it remains a viable fuel, and either selling it or buying it to friendly nations or enemies, and paying no heed to the fact that it is a finite product. It is also toxic to the human body, from its raw form (seen on countless animals plucked from the gulf) in its refined form, as well as the burning of it pouring carcinogens into the air. Speaking of pouring carcinogens into the air, the world burns about 82 million barrels a day.
When Kuwait was burning, the world turned into a hissyfit tizzy because 5 million barrels were burning into the air every day.

Day looked like Night…
And Night looked like Hell…

But today we burn 16 times that much. Everyday.
Why? For several reasons. You remember the car manufacturers? Do you think they make money pandering to a need for power/speed, dynamics of some sort? Or do they sell fuel efficient, lightweight vehicles that may not get a timing speed as elaborate as zero to 60 in 4.7 seconds. But they do get between 200-300 MPG.
But they aren’t in big production.
Lightweight bodies are hard to make without cannabis. Turns out that cannabis turns in a body that is more durable than steel or fiberglass, cheaper than carbon fibers, and, if crushed, is biodegradable.
Hemp also makes fuel, and is renewable. It might not replace the entire petroleum industry overnight, but then, the horse and buggy lasted well into the twentifirst century, too…although not as many people have seen them.

Of course, it takes man power to make these things. It isn’t something a “robot” can do, and that’s a positive point, too.

But what’s selling this drive for the future? What force is in play that wants to do more of what’s happening now? Who wants us to burn a HUNDRED million barrels a day? Two hundred million?

Well, Capitalism. THAT’S the driving force. Men are greedy. If they can get more for less they will, but, it isn’t always worth it, especially when considering the end product of a country or nation.
And the effect is interesting enough. Russia seems to have leaped onto the profit machine taking to Capitalism like a fish to water. Even China sold rare earths for profit…possibly to get their nuclear programs online to supply their country with electricity.
But how is it that three sworn enemies can sit around the campfire laughing at the world while they float a high and happy government above the heads of those who support that government?

As for “Free and open market, I beg to differ, as the US has put it’s misdirected sway against a thing that could give more people jobs and rejuvenate the country, as well as start a cohesion of political ideology. So against marijuana because of its benign effect upon man, it’s almost miracle cures against cancer and other maladies, its obvious marketing ability, and last but not least, that it is totally without overdose deaths marked against it such as tobacco, alcohol, fast cars, aspirins, even peanut butter…
In fact, it’s almost like these “intelligent” governments are choosing to let mankind kill itself.


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