Marijuana, Will This Generation be Remembered?

Funny how things are right in front of you for a while till you actually learn to use them, eh?
Take the Kimberly Mines, for example.
Before a mine, the area was a plantation, and just meeting bills, as farms usually do.
Then one day, someone noted that the children were dragging rocks around the yard, all tied to strings. Great fun (for a kid) and possibly the first “pet rocks” in existence.
Only when asked about their rocks, the children all had the same answer.
“The Sun shines through them so pretty,”
Children tossed them about as toys…
One, after bought and sold many times, became known as the Star of Africa, an 84 carat clear diamond…
So there were all these rocks on the shorelines of rivers and streams, and yet, nobody had paid a whit’s cent as to the real value.

Now comes marijuana.
At the onset of American culture, it was a medicinal plant bringing about laughter and a wonderful rejuvenation the morning following, a far sight better than the brain cell destroying alcohol with its terrible hangover the following day.
That it made people laugh was a good thing, but soon other treasures were found in this plant.
It could be harvested twice in a year, produced a plant that could easily made into ropes, strings, papers, and clothing. Later, Henry Ford would find that it could be prcessed into fiber composite bodies for his car, and that the material was far more durable than steel, as it gave way and returned to its shape better.
Lightweight, it also could be used to create fuels, and that the leaves left behind also rejuvenated the fields where it had grown.
Medicinal values came to be known for its ability to exact a hunger on people, so after chemo treatments, patients would more readily eat, and therefore endure the treatment itself.
(Funny thing about chemo treatment…it was first said to kill both the disease and the patient, and then the patient is nursed back to health)
Scientists found that the specific properties of cannabis, thc, was a cannabinoid oil that specifically killed the cancer cells without harming the patient…but the processed cannabinoids DID NOT get the patients “high”…

But for one man wanting to keep his job in the government, Harry J. Anslinger, word had gone out that marijuana was a gateway drug (it is NOT a gateway drug) leading to harder drugs such as heroin and other opiates. Oddly enough, even this account is false, as it turns out that marijuana can help addicted people break away from the drugs they are hooked on, and then, once cleaned, they could then put aside the marijuana easily.
And, not just hard drugs, but also alcohol, amphetamines, prescription drugs as ephedrine and methadone, as well as the most addictive drug known to man…the one that claimed many victims in its meteoric rise in populations around the world…the drug that kills near a half million people in the US every year and some five million people in the world…tobacco.
Marijuana can cure these addictions, and then the pot left behind easily, it can cure cancers (Breast, skin, lung and prostate) with no counter productive reactions, it can be used to make clothes, foods, milk, fuel, boots and shoes, houses, bicycles, and cars bodies. It can be used to make people happy after a hard day’s work without a hangover because basically it does not kill brain cells, and yet…

It is illegal.
And so the question…Will this generation be remembered? is also answered thusly…
YES, if it is legalized, because of what i just wrote.
and sadly, YES if it is NOT legalized, because if it isn’t legalized, we’ll be remembered as the dolts who thought that man will never fly, or break the sound barrier, or that a man would ever walk on the moon.

Personally, I hope my great grandchildren will remember this generation that stepped up and cured cancer.
THAT would be well worth the time it took to be alive.
But also, to let individuals finally choose for themselves what they want to do for entertainment in the privacy of their own homes.


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6 Responses to “Marijuana, Will This Generation be Remembered?”

  1. Roomia Says:

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  2. Haunter Says:

    Wow. You have some good points, no doubt.
    The part that just gets me is how you keep saying that weed is going to cure cancer. I’m all for the “making the process easier” approach with pot and cancer, but lets be realistic, it isn’t going to cure cancer. It’s a recreational drug.
    I understand that it has properties that (given particular circumstances) can “cure” cancer. If you’re lucky. Because yeah, it’s happened. Other studies show that it doesn’t cure cancer at all, some of them even suggest it causes cancer. We know that’s bullshit, but I think the cut-off line for bullshit here is a little distorted. These are all kind of petty details. I find that anything that uses “cancer” as an argument, on any end of the spectrum, is generally hearsay. I remember the cancer scare well. I was young at the time, afraid to stand in front of my microwave..
    I say this because the vast majority of pot smokers don’t have cancer. A lot of them have made up illnesses, hypochondriac things going on, or just smoke it illegally. Most of them don’t want to wear clothing made of hemp, or anything LIKE that, either (I can barely stand to wear a hemp bracelet. That shit is itchy). But the one thing they all have in common is that they want to get high; which is cool. I do it too. And it is a great substitute for booze, heroin, and all that jazz.
    And it can be great for the economy. America really needs to step up and produce their own pot, because Mexico has certainly been winning the war on drugs these past few years. Its become kind of a pressure, I guess you could say.
    I really don’t like the idea of anything in my car being made out of hemp tho. I haven’t read into that at all, that’s just a first impression.
    Anyway, my point is, pot is evidently a good thing and it should be decriminalized, but glorifying points like that doesn’t help the cause.

  3. Haunter Says:

    If you have to delete replies in order for your argument to seem infallible, your argument probably sucks.
    Hah. Thats petty.

    • maxwelldog Says:

      Well, it’s always nice to hear from folks about what they think.
      Although…it appears some have no patience for other’s having a life, eh? WORDPRESS doesn’t post the comment until it has been approved, and I’ve been gone. Week long visit to discuss medical procedures with some care takers.

      Now…about your statement.
      Marijuana DOES NOT CURE CANCER
      You’re happy, now?

      It does, however, tell the brain to create the chemistry to EAT cancer away.
      An interesting deviation from what you expected, I suppose, however, it isn’t so different than ASPIRIN except for one minor detail.
      You see, aspirin does NOT cure a headache, either. But it tells the brain to create the chemistry that relieves a headache.
      and the “minor” detail?
      Aspirin kills about 2000 people in the USA per year.
      Marijuana still hasn’t killed anyone ever in the history of the world.

      You did bring up one small point that might be valid, a fresh review of the information, and possibly a new post.
      Meanwhile, anyone who knows how to use a google search bar, just put in the question there.
      “Does marijuana cure cancer?”
      (yes, it does)
      FIVE forms of cancer.
      And, should you be smart enough to argue with
      Harvard Medical
      UCLA Geffen School of Medicine
      University of Virginia Research
      University of Colorado
      London St. Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry
      Compultense University of Madrid
      Five major Medical Journals including American Cancer Association
      then you are smarter than I or, for that matter, any of the Mensa Group that meets every Tuesday in Aunt Beulah’s basement.

      My thought about your comment is simple.
      RESEARCH your statement before attempting some trivial character assassination. It will make you seem less like the first six letters of the word… (twice as bad as only being one, once.


  4. Haunter Says:

    well then. Let me start by offering appologies, as I didn’t know that comments had to be approved before posting. That was my fault for acting rashly, and I should have read more into it.
    Also, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but this wasn’t supposed to be an attack on you, your character, or your life. As a matter of fact, nothing I said has anything to do with you at all. It has to do with the points you made. I don’t really know the first thing about who YOU are, I just know what I read. I prefer to argue issues rather than argue about the people proposing them, anyway. And on that note, what is the hostility about? Arguments are creative and constructive. Excuse me for not agreeing with you, but yeah, we’re all entitled to that.

    In reality; asprin certainly does not change your brains chemistry. No, it may temporarily re-wire your nerves and such to temporarily make your headache go away, but I can assure you, it doesn’t actually DO anything other than make you THINKthe pain is gone. I can’t get too deep into the chemistry behind it all with you because I don’t know it, but I know that it is a pain reliever, and by their nature, thats what pain relievers do. They tell your brain that the pain it is making you feel is wrong, that youre not in any danger, and that it can stop doing it now.
    But we’re not even talking about headaches, or apsrin. We’re talking about cancer and weed. The most you can really say right now about the two is that smoking it DOES help cancer patients get over the pains of chemo and cancer. Thats because it chills you out. But it doesnt rewrite your damn brain chemistry or eat cancer. You just get high..
    And like I said, you can cite any number of studies that are leaning toward your point with “marijuna killing cancer”. If I spent five minutes on google (Oh, and thanks for explaining google to me too, that was real helpful) I could pull up equally as many studies saying that it DOESNT cure cancer, or even that it CAUSES cancer. I found one with the first site I opened that was done by the Cancer Biomarkers and Prevention Group in collaberation with the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine and Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Pretty professional sounding, eh? Maybe we’ll get our two studies together and see who has the better credentials. Or…
    Maybe, seeing as tho anything either one of us could say is nothing more than a theory, and probably coincidental at that, we shouldn’t use these at all, because its just pettyfogging the argument, which is essentially a dishonest way to argue. No offense.
    What is a fact, however, is that nothing substantial has actually been proven about pot stopping cancer. If it had, I don’t think so many people would be in favor of keeping it illegal. I mean, they allow oxycottin for god’s sake. If weed could legitimately eat cancer away, it would be such a groundbreaking medical discovery that everybody, the whole world over, wouldn’t have a choice but to bow down to it and accept . Its cancer we’re talking about here.
    But I have done my research, because I am also in favor of legalizing pot. And as part of that research, I’ve done well to read up on both sides of the debate. I didn’t spend to long learning about cancer, but I did gather that many of the people who are actually part of this movement, like IN the government and not just citizens, see this kind of argument as substanceless and offensive. Because again, people want to smoke pot to get high. And SOME people want it for legitimate medical problems, cancer being one of them. But how many people ALL OF THE SUDDEN have unexplained chronic fatigue and chronic muscle pains that just can’t be proven through anatomy? Quite a bit. Hell, in Arizona, where it was just recently legalized, I know for a fact that there is a despensary with a doctor on site who will give a card to almost anybody for $300. I have a handful of friends who buy their weed through there nowadays, and I guarantee that nothing is wrong with them. I do believe that they should all be free to smoke it, just like everybody. But when the rest of the stoners take this cause and capitalize on it hoping to make a point just so they can smoke their weed in peace, well its kind of degrading tothe people who actually have cancer, or other debilitating illnesses, because the weed really does make a difference to their health.

    Seriously tho, man, none of this is aimed at insulting you. This is just how people debate, and these are my viewpoints on what you said. It is a public forum, afterall, I didn’t even have to sign up. I’d apprciate it if, considering you reply to my post again, you don’t try to make it personal or act like its personal. If you look back at our actual posts, you may see that your reply was just as much of a personal shot against ME as you claimed MY argument was in the first place. I am sincere when I say that I don’t really take pleasure in fighting over the internet. This topic is just interesting to me. But if its such a big deal that I disagree with you and try to talk about it, I’ll be happy to never return to this page again. I just didnt necessarily expect that I had to agree with your opinions.

    • maxwelldog Says:

      yes, it turns out my temper was as short as yours…”If you have to delete replies in order for your argument to seem infallible, your argument probably sucks.
      Hah. Thats petty.”
      but, now I have a bigger agency that backs my words.
      You may have heard of them…
      They are the agency that is in charge of National Institute of Health.
      And they made NIH come up with ALL of the studies, and near 90% said, yes, five forms of cancer…blah blah blah.

      Now, why wouldn’t THAT make me happy?

      The HHS (the government agency in charge of NIH) PATENTED marijuana and ALL derivative chemistry from it.
      Their reason?
      Because it DOES cure those cancers, AND maybe more.

      am I happy, yet?
      It’s still illegal.

      Perhaps you have heard about the centers being shut down in states that passed medicinal marijuana?
      It’s because they are now encroaching patent laws.

      Short of temper?

      yes…right now, I am.

      And, for what it’s worth, you DON’T have to agree with me or my views.
      I LIKE debate.
      I favor some understanding of a subject.
      For example, when aspirin goes into your system, it makes the brain create a chemical that goes specifically to the pain area.
      Old news.
      It doesn’t “change” the chemistry of the brain, ..just tells it to make, heck, I forgot what it’s called.

      But seriously, there is so much wrong with what the government just did, I find, again, myself at the end of the rope.
      WHY am I so invested in this?
      Well, besides being 60 years old, and a prime subject for prostate cancer…
      I also have a lump in my chest.

      So, maybe I should just make a flipping noose with the rope.
      My government doesn’t give a flying rat’s behind about my freedoms, my sickness, or my life.
      After all, I served in war (while Bush junior went “AWOL”) and I got my honorable discharge.
      There’s an old saying…
      Services rendered lose value after the service is rendered.

      Guess that’s right.

      By the way, I’m way too stubborn to “noose” the rope.

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