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Marijuana, Will This Generation be Remembered?

October 7, 2011

Funny how things are right in front of you for a while till you actually learn to use them, eh?
Take the Kimberly Mines, for example.
Before a mine, the area was a plantation, and just meeting bills, as farms usually do.
Then one day, someone noted that the children were dragging rocks around the yard, all tied to strings. Great fun (for a kid) and possibly the first “pet rocks” in existence.
Only when asked about their rocks, the children all had the same answer.
“The Sun shines through them so pretty,”
Children tossed them about as toys…
One, after bought and sold many times, became known as the Star of Africa, an 84 carat clear diamond…
So there were all these rocks on the shorelines of rivers and streams, and yet, nobody had paid a whit’s cent as to the real value.

Now comes marijuana.
At the onset of American culture, it was a medicinal plant bringing about laughter and a wonderful rejuvenation the morning following, a far sight better than the brain cell destroying alcohol with its terrible hangover the following day.
That it made people laugh was a good thing, but soon other treasures were found in this plant.
It could be harvested twice in a year, produced a plant that could easily made into ropes, strings, papers, and clothing. Later, Henry Ford would find that it could be prcessed into fiber composite bodies for his car, and that the material was far more durable than steel, as it gave way and returned to its shape better.
Lightweight, it also could be used to create fuels, and that the leaves left behind also rejuvenated the fields where it had grown.
Medicinal values came to be known for its ability to exact a hunger on people, so after chemo treatments, patients would more readily eat, and therefore endure the treatment itself.
(Funny thing about chemo treatment…it was first said to kill both the disease and the patient, and then the patient is nursed back to health)
Scientists found that the specific properties of cannabis, thc, was a cannabinoid oil that specifically killed the cancer cells without harming the patient…but the processed cannabinoids DID NOT get the patients “high”…

But for one man wanting to keep his job in the government, Harry J. Anslinger, word had gone out that marijuana was a gateway drug (it is NOT a gateway drug) leading to harder drugs such as heroin and other opiates. Oddly enough, even this account is false, as it turns out that marijuana can help addicted people break away from the drugs they are hooked on, and then, once cleaned, they could then put aside the marijuana easily.
And, not just hard drugs, but also alcohol, amphetamines, prescription drugs as ephedrine and methadone, as well as the most addictive drug known to man…the one that claimed many victims in its meteoric rise in populations around the world…the drug that kills near a half million people in the US every year and some five million people in the world…tobacco.
Marijuana can cure these addictions, and then the pot left behind easily, it can cure cancers (Breast, skin, lung and prostate) with no counter productive reactions, it can be used to make clothes, foods, milk, fuel, boots and shoes, houses, bicycles, and cars bodies. It can be used to make people happy after a hard day’s work without a hangover because basically it does not kill brain cells, and yet…

It is illegal.
And so the question…Will this generation be remembered? is also answered thusly…
YES, if it is legalized, because of what i just wrote.
and sadly, YES if it is NOT legalized, because if it isn’t legalized, we’ll be remembered as the dolts who thought that man will never fly, or break the sound barrier, or that a man would ever walk on the moon.

Personally, I hope my great grandchildren will remember this generation that stepped up and cured cancer.
THAT would be well worth the time it took to be alive.
But also, to let individuals finally choose for themselves what they want to do for entertainment in the privacy of their own homes.