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Comparisons are Unfair

August 17, 2011

For example…
about 490,000 people die of tobacco related deaths every year in the United States. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but, let’s go with this.
490,000 people a year = 40,833 per month.
that’s 1,361 every day.
and that’s 56 people every hour.

So basically, every hour
more people die of tobacco related deaths in the United States of America
than people who have died ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN 5000 YEARS from marijuana!
Wait…is that right!?
More people die from tobacco related deaths in the USA
Than have died on the whole planet from marijuana in 5000 Years.
There’s why the DEA and others at the top don’t like comparisons.
Comparisons shine a very negative light on brute force tactics used on people who just want to laugh a little in the privacy of their own home and get rejuvenated for the work the next day. Without a hangover. Without an addiction.


Is This the United States of America?

August 1, 2011

Or have we been dropped into some dimensional oppressive government without the benefit of a vote or medical study, or even debate…
I really thought this was the land of the free, however, I may be wrong, eh?