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Rick Simpson’s Run FROM the Cure

August 29, 2010

A seven part story of the beginning modern study , one of the originators, and a pair of ways to make the oil at the end.
seven parts…Part One

Part Two through part seven are links because my computer is too slow to read my own page.
So…it appears that making it will be the only chance we have, if Prop 19 doesn’t pass and the federal government wants to continue to bend to the pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
Although…care should be taken, as with any experiment done with heat.
and chemicals that are combustible.
How to Make the Oil


or probably what I would suggest as the safest, and modifiable, too. This method uses iso alcohol (99%) and the alcohol may be replaced with EverClear, or perhaps Ouzo if it has a high enough alcohol rating.
While Southern Comfort may be too light in that area, there are also other alcoholic products to consider. It gets down to the actual evaporation of the water content, so, possibly experiment with it.
But above all, remember that alcohol is every bit as combustible as fuel, especially when in gas form.
Have a chemist help you, if you can find one who is willing to experiment with curing cancerous growths and such.



August 27, 2010

One day I typed in “islands of the pacific ocean” in the google search bar, looking for something to paint. One of the entries caught my eye, and I found this…

in 2007 it was bigger than Texas. Now it is near twice the size of Alaska.

Plant life grows on it, but, this is NOT a good thing. Animals are eating it…over a million sea birds dying from eating it…and it is destroying plant life below the surface needed to feed the fish. It blocks the sunlight and further destroys the life beneath it.

How could this be?

Well, the floating island of muck and plastics is now near twice the size of Alaska, they’re starting to find traces of that same plastic in fish that are caught  for food purposes (and if that doesn’t get your stomach rolling, consider that some of the plastic ‘bits’ from the USA’s stock are portions of baby diapers, tampax applicators, thrown away carpeting, various clothing parts, syringes, and, thanks to truckers and other lazy road drivers, jugs and bottles that have been peed in)….

Makes you want to get a whole new brand of tartar sauce, doesn’t it?
(They also come in plastic jars)

Starved to DEATH with a Full Stomach…sounds like a Steven King Novel, doesn’t it?
(Reckon it ISN’T so fresh a problem, eh?)

The chemical companies who make plastic bags for the country are up in arms about California banning plastic bags. It’s high time we banned them entirely, along with many other plastic containers such as pop bottles, condiment bottles, plastic jars, toys, and perhaps plastics altogether.

An excellent article on the battle grounds being drawn between throw-away America and the chemical companies.

And, lest you think it’s a problem ONLY on the Pacific or in some distant ocean?

Think again.


Let go of the plastics. They are of no use to us and are shortening the future too quickly.

Remember…We did not inherit this world from our forefathers…

We are borrowing it from our future children.