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April 17, 2010

Maybe. Not an easy crowd, to be sure. And worse than that, we hated being fooled by that guy. Kept the bills hidden till he was heading out the door, eh?
And expensive. I suppose they knew there was no chance for an old vet and a woman who shoots animals from her airplane in between banning books and firing a really nice librarian to win, so, make it as bad as possible and maybe the country will blame the Democratic administration.
And it might have worked except for just a couple of small points.
Like for example his maneuvering the economy back onto track. Good job, Mr. Obama!
The Health Care Reform Bill. It may get whittled away some, but, if it gets put into practice soon enough, it’ll save the country hundreds of billions of dollars in the long run. Now there’s the Jobs package he wants passed.

I could use the work. If only they would legalize marijuana, tens of thousands of jobs would be created withing four months. I may be old, but work never scared me.
Personally, though, there is one thing that should be changed…and that’s the make-up of the Senate, which is something like this…
1 comedian
1 military
1 engineer
1 economist
2 journalists
3 medical practitioners
6 teachers
(and where the real problem is…)
13 people making a career out of the government
14 business personnel
and 58 lawyers.

DANG!! No wonder there’s so much problem with our government. There’s a bunch of professional liars trying to tell us what we need!

Maybe some more teachers, some more comedians, and for sure, some more PLAIN PEOPLE who don’t want to make a career out of being a politician.

In the course of the last twenty years, there has been an argument about whether to have the ten commandments at the courthouses of America. Maybe, since everyone knows what the ten commandments are, more consideration should be given to putting a guillotine on those courthouse lawns?

Perhaps hinting to our serving elected ones that maybe they shouldn’t be so smug…