Indiana Republicans

Steve Buyer.

When asked about his stand on homosexuals serving in the military, Steven Buyer simply states that he will be voting what He thinks is right. Of course, I think that it could be possible that Mr. Buyer thinks that it would undermine the military because of blackmail (not if it is acceptable) or coercion (again, not if it is acceptable) or possibly an unacceptable animosity between the group of men serving together (if what he suggests is true, then the men serving would get no leave, no vacation time because they may come in contact with (gasp) the opposite sex. Of course, that was always MY goal when on leave, but still, I found it more true to my nature to remain hospitable and polite when among women. That’s how civilized people act. And Mr. Buyer, homosexuals are, since you don’t know,  civilized…) but despite that homosexuals have served proudly for so many wars that Buyer would come up now and state their prior service was unwanted or un-needed…? This is nothing more than moralistic party-line pandering.

Steven Buyer’s total disregard of Veterans who have served honorably in past and present wars really makes him  Not qualified for his present position. Senior Republican on the Committee on Veterans Affairs?!

Well, I wouldn’t worry about what you think, Steve Buyer.

You should be considering what WE the People think.

You were not elected because you think you have leadership ability. You were elected TO SERVE. And that doesn’t mean serving up golf outings instead of handing out scholarships (as a CBS news investigation suggests). Not selling your votes to the largest bidder. ( and (

Indiana is fast becoming the Duke Brothers‘ state of the Union, complete with a regular Boss Hawg (played by Mitch Daniels who would rather cut through green forest land to continue I-69 instead of using already in place interstates, or leasing off major toll roads to gain ‘fast cash’ to spend on roads instead of using a fraction of it to save teacher’s jobs)  And, gosh, all Republicans can do is blame the Democrats for their failures.

WE the People could do without Buyer or Daniels at all.

THEY are what’s wrong with the government.


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